Our Office

Afroditis 58-64, Palaio Faliro
Athens, Greece

What we Do

If there’s a story to be told, it had better be a good one
and we’ll make sure that we visualize it.
We want to *Surprise* you and that is why we design and create
campaigns for print, web and outdoor that Rock your World.



Your brand is the core of your business and we definitely love building brands. Work with us to grow your brand beyond the screen, let us make it memorable. The fact is, branding matters. While successful brands stand the test of time, many others fade out and fail to make an impact. The fallout from a misfiring or underachieving brand can be irreversible.
What does it take to win our hearts and minds, and gain customer loyalty? Brands that get noticed and stand out from the crowd are cleverly marketed. They possess assets that work hard to give them the edge: a striking logo, good texting, a worth-to-remember campaign and an online experience that is user-oriented. Branding lies at the heart of our services.
Our experience in logotype design, advertising, website design and social media ensures a brand’s strengths & values are communicated clearly across all media channels. We create brands that connect with their target audience, get noticed and establish a lasting presence in the market.



It is well-known that successful brands establish a connection with their consumers that can prove very difficult to break down.
Shall we take a step back for a moment and consider what instigates this bond in the first place and helps to sustain one’s loyalty even in the face of fierce competition?
Advertising makes that happen!
Online, outdoors, in print and through social and broadcast media, it helps businesses to reach audiences that might otherwise be beyond their grasp.
However, this does not mission seal the deal.
We believe that advertising is much more about what you say than how you choose to convey it. Communicating a clear, compelling message that resonates with the target audience is the true essence of successful advertising and the primary reason people buy your products and use your services.
Even in its simplest form, advertising can prove highly effective. In the hands of an experienced designer, the combination of a clever texting, single image and careful placement of the brand logo is often all that you need to trigger brand awareness and prompt the required call to action.
If you think advertising should play a more influential role in your brand strategy let us re-design your campaigns.



At Reboot, we are passionate about all things digital. We take pride in creating beautiful and effective online communications to promote our clients’ businesses. Whether you need a smart design for your website, a social media campaign or an email marketing campaign, we can help your business thrive online.
Building a web presence tailored to your brand and according to your brand identity is vital to ensuring you stand out from your competitors. Whatever digital services you are looking for, we are confident that we can help. At the very least, we can point you in the right direction.



Tactile and familiar, there are few mediums that can rival how engaging a beautiful piece of print can be. Amidst the flourishing world of digital media, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to connect with a target audience offline, and print offers a tangible way to do this that many people find reassuring.
With its enduring, distraction-free quality, brands continue to harness print as a powerful form of communication, time and time again. Print media gives you the opportunity to engage with a target audience offering them a satisfying experience by sharing information in an intimate format. At Reboot, we specialise in producing printed communications that help brands strengthen their presence and build trust and customer loyalty. We combine design, copywriting and print production management to create everything from annual reports and brochures, business stationery, corporate literature and company magazines, to exhibition displays and signage.



If a picture speaks a thousand words, what does the moving image tell us?
The fact is, it reveals a lot and can impress us in a very short space of time. Video and associated multimedia, including motion graphics and digital animation, can engage, inform and influence audiences quickly and prove hugely persuasive in building brand loyalty. Increasingly, the business community is using multimedia to drive and support its sales activity. No longer regarded as an expensive medium to mainstream marketing, it is widely recognized that generating what the industry calls ‘rich media’ content is essential if your brand is to offer users the experience they now expect and to win favour with Google and other search engines. And the integration of text, graphics, images, digital animation and sound is a sure fire way of delivering content that ticks all the boxes.