Reboot Calendar


Our calendar for 2023 emphasizes on expectations, surreal hopes & desires, based on a renewed reality.

They are expressed through our illustrations and digital art creations which are placed on each month.


JANUARY_ Time is just an illusion.

FEBRUARY_ Common language for everyone.

MARCH_ We unveil all of humanity’s secrets through time and space.

APRIL_ Food 3d printer.

MAY_ We have once played memory from the future. Use it well.

JUNE_ Matter will not matter.

JULY_ We will teleport to other suns, new spaces, in unknown times and unknown places.

AUGUST_ We perform memory compression for unlimited brain storage.

SEPTEMBER_ We want #CTRL+Z in real life.

OCTOBER_ We see through sound and hear through images.

NOVEMBER_ Not a dream just an alternate reality

DECEMBER_ We see everything with one gesture

Reboot Calendar 2023
Reboot Creative Agency
Babis Georgiou