Potato King


Potato King, is a street food establishment rooted in the heart of Athens, stands out for its diverse array of delectable potato flavors, coupled with an extensive selection of meticulously crafted sauces and premium-quality meats. As the creative minds behind Potato King’s visual identity, we were tasked with designing the food portion cones that would seamlessly align with the established corporate image.

We created numerous illustrations for the brand, each tailored for different applications. From digital platforms to print materials, they have played a key role in enhancing Potato King’s visual presence and reinforcing its unique identity.

Additionally, we curated custom illustration graphics for the store’s interior, creating a visually immersive experience for patrons. This holistic design approach reinforces Potato King’s unique identity, making every visit a feast for the senses.

Potato King
Reboot Creative Agency
Babis Georgiou