Fortino is a vibrant cafe bistro nestled in the heart of Petrochori, Messinias.

Our brand identity draws inspiration from the historic Samano Fortino, capturing the essence of both tradition and modernity. Infused with bright colors and a lively palette, Fortino’s unique charm comes to life through custom illustrations that shaped the very essence of Fortino’s vibrancy.

The menu’s design as well as card postals, stickers and outdoor signs are clear, friendly, and designed with a touch of playfulness, setting  the stage for a dining experience that is as visually inviting as it is delicious. The color palette, typography, and overall design are chosen to convey a sense of comfort and warmth that welcomes guests to linger and enjoy the moment..

Fortino invites you to unwind and relish the fusion of flavors and aesthetics in a casual yet refined setting, inviting you to savor its charm and unique vibe.

Reboot Creative Agency
Babis Georgiou