200 Wine Label


The Anniversary Wine 200 inspired by the anniversary for the 200 years of the Greek Revolution (1821-2021), one of the most important events in the history of Greece.

The wine comes from the Hatzimichalis Estate, a family-run winery located in the Atalanti Valley, in Central Greece. To highlight this wine, we created 4 alternative visual arts, based on emblematic representations that mark the events of the revolution. The Proclamation of the revolution, the Exodus of Messolonghi, the Battle of Dervenakia, the Battle of Navarino, as well as another visual, with the characteristic blue color of our country, and the waving of the flag. We moved dynamic and premium shades, which characterize this period. The heroism of the Greeks, and the birth of the new state.

Fonts and elements that highlight the history of the events were used. An event of the utmost importance, designed and imprinted with the corresponding attention so that the meaning of the word “Freedom” will remain in our memory forever.

Hatzimichalis Estate
Reboot Creative Agency