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Shah Masters Chess

"The outcome of a lot depends solely on the player's intelligence, knowledge and understanding. History places chess in Persia in 600 AD. with the name Chatrang and the ending of a game was named Shāh (+) māt (#) (the King was captured), hence the name of the academy that aims to ages from 3-16 years old. With a standard learning system that promotes imagination and creativity, the Shah Mat Masters Chess Academy prepares new meters not only for this ancient sport but also for life. The logo used the King and Queen as they are the only pieces on the chessboard that do not fit in pairs. They also represent the two sexes as chess is perhaps the only sport where gender, age or particularities are of no importance. The colors chosen represent spirituality, mystery, imagination (purple), energy and anxiety (yellow). Two diametrically opposite colors just like white with black, which indicate the presence of two rival camps fighting for dominance./p>