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The brand name "Lady" (trans: Κυρά), is originated from the mythical Greek Goddess, Δημήτηρ (trans: Mother of the Earth). Being the Goddess of agriculture, she had blessed the olive oil to bear fruit in winter and turned it into the greatest gift to mankind that is cherished throughout the centuries as a symbol of peace, wisdom and prosperity. Its most miraculous derivative product is "λάδι" (pronounced "ladi", trans: olive oil), the basis of numerous applications.

We were assigned to define & design the visual brand identity that included logo, product labeling & business cards. Inspired by Greek mythology we showcased the face of Demetra and wrote by hand the word Lady accompanied by an olive detail within the letter "δ". The abstract form of the label derived from elements that are associated with olives and cutout parts reveal the majestic olive oil shades.